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Here are some tips if you are thinking of writing your testimony or an article for the Kingdom Revelator Magazine. Please remember that all work should be original and not copied from a book or the Internet.

  • ) Before you start writing, pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. The magazine is a tool for evangelisation and we need the Holy Spirit to work through it. You might also like to read through old copies of the magazine so that you are familiar with the style and the level of content that we use.
  • ) The topic should be interesting and inspiring for our young readers. The magazine isaimed at over 12 years of age but be aware that younger children may read it so be sensitive about the language and content. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of your article then please contact the editor with your idea before you start writing.
  • ) When writing an article approach it as if you are sitting chatting to a friend about your life. This will come across much better that imagining that you are giving a lecture. Then you will avoid phrases like ‘you should’ or ‘you must’. If possible start your article or testimony with an interesting story to get the reader’s attention then write it using ‘we’ and ‘us’ rather than ‘you’.
  • ) A good way to evangelise and to make sure that your article is different from the rest is to write about what the Holy Spirit has done in your life. Reading someone’s testimony is usually very interesting and shows them that there is more to the Catholic faith than maybe they have experienced.
  • ) Remember that we want the magazine to spread the Good News so please be positive and upbeat so that the readers can feel joy coming through the articles. For example, rather than writing too much about the dangers of falling into the ‘pit of hell’ write about the joys of eternal life with Jesus. Where possible, instead of focussing on the sins, focus on the blessings. We have to talk about sin of course, but do try to find the positive side of the argument rather than the negative.
  • ) The maximum size for a two page article is around 800 words.
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